Health Benefits of Doing It Yourself

Scientific studies have proven that taking care of your mind has tremendous health benefits. Confidence, self-esteem, completing goals and connecting with other people all reduce risks for things like heart disease, high blood pressure, and other stress-related ailments. It stands to reason then that tackling a do it yourself (DIY) project can actually improve your health.

kid with screwdriverDIY projects are usually touted for their financial benefits. Who hasn’t considered making a minor repair or undertaking a small construction project to save the cost of hiring a professional? Whether you’re changing your car’s head light using a Chilton manual ( or assembling that furniture from Ikea, you’re officially a DIYer.… Read the rest

Arthur Trueger Touts Vietnam for Science & Technology Investment

Arthur Trueger believes that Vietnam will be the next big thing when it comes to STEM investment in Asia. Investment in science and technology  is the key to ensuring that innovation and breakthroughs continue.  Renowned venture capitalist Arthur Trueger believes that Vietnam will be the next big thing when it comes to STEM investment in Asia.

Ho Chi MinhWill the next Instagram or Snapchat come from Vietnam or countries like Singapore and Thailand which have been courting venture capital investments for years?  Trueger, Chairman of the Berkeley International Capital Fund, argues strongly for Vietnam, provided that the government there steps up to the plate.… Read the rest

Elizabeth Mann Phoenix Mart Promoting STEM Education

Elizabeth Mann Present Check to Casa Grande Middle SchoolLast year Phoenix Mart developer Elizabeth Mann, presented a $35,000 donation to Casa Grande Middle School to provide a mobile computer lab for the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Academy. Thirty students will be able to use the lab, which is a much needed expansion given that the Academy has doubled its enrollment in the 2014-15 school year.

PhoenixMart is a global commerce center being built in Casa Grande. When it opens in late 2015, it is expected to bring 7,900 new jobs, including 5,000 local jobs, to Arizona.  Elizabeth Mann is the President and CEO of AZ Sourcing, Phoenix Mart’s parent company, as well as a developer on the PhoenixMart project.… Read the rest

Top Science News of 2014

December is the time to look back at the year that is ending and make note of the most exciting and newsworthy stories. In science, that means chronicling discoveries, inventions, and advancements. Here are some of the scientific stories that 2014 will be remembered for.


2014 will be remember for exploration as NASA took a “Giant Leap Forward” and humanity landed a probe on a comet.  Commercial space flight had setbacks when a Antares rocket exploded on October 28th and a few days later SpaceShipTwo crashed on a test flight, killing one pilot.  Such accidents are always a part of developing new technologies, but they may lead to setbacks in the ability of commercial programs to find backers and, eventually, passengers.… Read the rest

Women at the Forefront of Scientific Breakthroughs

Women make up more than half of today’s workforce, yet the number of women in the STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) continues to lag, with women representing only 23% of the total science work force in 2011. That number has essentially remained stagnant since 1990, but that doesn’t mean that female scientists aren’t changing the world in a big way. Here’s a rundown of some of the most influential women scientists from around the globe.

science beekersDr. Livia Eberlin specializes in mass spectrometry at Stanford. She’s a post-doctoral chemistry scholar who developed a technique to help more efficiently diagnose and evaluate cancer.… Read the rest

Advanced Medical Technology Is Everywhere

SRI_Trauma_PodFor decades science fiction has depicted medical robots as part of some far distant future.  Something for our great-great grandchildren.  That future is actually the present.  Robotic surgeries are performed every day, supported by other advanced technologies that make medical diagnosis more precise and the treatment of illnesses and injuries more successful.

In a recent ranking of the top hospitals in the world for high tech medical treatment a California hospital finished in first place — and the US took slightly more than half of the top 30 spots.  However, 60% of the hospitals in the top 10 are outside the US.… Read the rest

Where Does Money For Medical Research Come From?

Have you ever wondered where all that money for medical research comes from? Maybe you had a loved one who suffered from a serious disease, and you want to know how to get more money into your cause. Or perhaps you are just curious because you hear on the news about all sorts of medical research, but you never know how it is funded. In this post, you’ll learn about some of the sources of money for medical research.

The Many Sources Of Medical Research Funds

tech with microscopeOne of the largest sources of money for medical research is the United States government.… Read the rest

Test Version of Orion is Dropped C-17

A test version of Orion is dropped from a C-17, while flying 13,000 feet above the Arizona desert at the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground on April 23. The spacecraft is released from the airplane on a sled that moves it safely away. Then a series of programmer parachutes get it into position for the test before the three massive orange and white main parachutes deploy. This was the first parachute test to simulate a launch abort scenario.

Invoice for Mars Mission: $1 Trillion?

Mars-manned-mission-NASA-V5Sending humans into space has become mundane.  In addition to various government space programs, there are now private corporations either sending people to space or planning commercial space flights.  The holy grail of all this development is to send a human mission to Mars.

In 1969 the first humans stepped onto the surface of the moon in a program that cost between $20-23 billion.  Adjusted for inflation and current market prices, NASA estimated that the six moon landings of the Apollo program would cost $170 billion today.  That seems likes peanuts compared to the estimated cost associated with sending one mission to Mars by 2040. … Read the rest

Rover Finds New Evidence of Water on Mars

Over ten years ago, the first Rover was put on the surface of Mars to learn a variety of things about the “Red Planet.” One such discovery was that water may have existed at one time on Mars, but is now long gone.

MarsNew evidence has been found by two Mars Rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, that suggest that Mars was once a water-rich planet. This information is highly important not just to understand more about Mars, but understand other planets in our solar system including our own. Read on for a look at why the Rover find is so important, and what is next for the Rover fleet.… Read the rest