Venture Capital Helping Private Space Travel

October 23, 2007 0

Space travel isn’t something that is only limited to government agencies.  A new space race has gotten underway, and it is being led by some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world.  Instead of relying on capital companies, like Arthur Trueger’s BerkeleyVC, these entrepreneurs are fronting the money from their own (very deep) pockets.

People like Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin), Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), and Elon Musk (founder of PayPal) are leading a new revolution in space exploration.… Read the rest

Investing in Moon Land

October 10, 2007 0

In a previous post i mentioned that the Lunar Registry is offering plots of land up in one acre increments.  Once my excitement that i may be able to live on the moon someday subsided, i felt a little uneasy thinking about the negative aspects of what the privatization of space would bring.  Billion-dollar corporations have already shown that they will exploit anyone and everything just to increase profit by a tenth of a percentage point; just imagine the recklessness with which they will treat space.

My fear is that in the not-so-distant future people will be buying and selling plots of moon land or spaces in space like they are trading stocks in the market or online services. … Read the rest