The Last Supper in Jerusalem

August 23, 2010 0

Christians come from all over the world to visit the many sites were they believe Jesus either visited or spent time. They want to walk the areas the he walked and they want to learn where he learned. They want to see and feel the places that he walked in hopes of a stronger connection to him and his message.

One of the many stops along the way is the room of the last supper which is were he was said to have had his last supper with his disciples before he was crucified. Visitors find it on Mount Zion out side the Dormition Abbey.… Read the rest

Summer in Hawaii Includes Swimming With Dolphin

August 20, 2010 1

My nephew went on a trip with is grandparents and cousins on his father’s side of the family last summer. The reason I bring it up is because he claims to have had one of the greatest vacations of his life while he was there. I’ve never been to Hawaii, and while I knew there were fabulous beaches and great views and all that, some of the experiences he described were surprising and really attractive sounding. Not that beautiful beaches is unattractive.

One of his favorite activities on his trip was when he got the chance to swim with dolphins and other marine life.… Read the rest

US Open Tennis is the Best Bet

August 15, 2010 0

Betting for tennis fans these last few months has had a great amount of action for them to sink their teeth into. However, the US Open Tennis Championship has always proven to be the most popular tournament. The 2010 US Open is only a few weeks away, starting Monday, August 30th and ending Sunday, September 12th with the Men’s Singles Final and there will be plenty of players all vying to be this year’s champion making betting tennis fans take a deeper look at all the players statistics.

In 2009, the US Open was a thrilling event as defending champion Roger Federer doing battle against Juan Martin del Potro lasted for 4 hours.… Read the rest

Dealing With the Social Media Craze

August 12, 2010 4

Walking down the street there are now signs in windows that say “Follow us on Twitter @insertnamehere” There are signs asking the customers to become a Facebook fan, and for the most part, it starts to seem a little bit silly. Most people have little to no reason to follow a company on twitter, or to follow them on Facebook, or at least that is what many people think, until you start looking at some of their numbers. This is changing thanks to companies like Elixir Interactive. Tips and suggestions on how to make your Facebook page more desirable for other people to like show companies and people alike what benefits they could gain from a company Facebook Page.… Read the rest

Map Collecting

August 10, 2010 1

Maps provide more than excellent directional resources for travelers. In addition to their obvious benefits there are many people that collect maps. Rare, ancient or historic maps are a prized possession not only for collectors but also archeologists and museums . And while those rare and priceless items may be reserved for the professionals or historic institutions, private map collecting is still a popular hobby and even obsession for many people.

It is commonly believed that traveling will enhance your overall life perspective, open your mind and expand your consciousness. Interestingly, map collecting will also do this, however on another scale, such as a millimeter equals a kilometer.… Read the rest