Auto Racing Safety

Every race fan loves to see photos posted on their favorite team’s profiles, from Danika Patrick to Sebastian Vettel.  Doctors and other medical professionals have a different reaction to this dangerous sport. While there is some truth to the adage that some fans go to the races in hopes of witnessing an accident, the vast majority admire racers ability to handle these state of the art vehicles while racing against tough competitors.  While there will likely always be accidents — and possibly even deaths — the race industry continues to take steps to make it safer for drivers to compete at higher and higher speeds.… Read the rest

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The Cutting Edge for Ambulances

Every day that goes by sees more innovations in automotive technology.  Cars are getting more comfortable, faster, more fuel efficient, and better overall.  But one place where all of the new technology is helping is where we would hardly even look: in ambulances.  New technology has brought ambulances from simple people carriers to full on, traffic skirting, mobile life saving devices.

Life Saving Equipment

Modern ambulances have most of the things that can save your life in an emergency.  A lot of the equipment has mobile and fixed units, so paramedics can bring stuff with them, stabilize a person on the scene, and bring them back to the van. … Read the rest

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Reducing Stress Series – Buying a New Car

When you are new to the car buying market it pays to use a beginner’s guide in order to get the most car or truck for your budget. Whether you are out of school with your first job or just leaving home to embark into the world on your own, no doubt about it, the financial world is a little scary.

Of course, your primary objective is to provide yourself with reliable transportation. While it sounds simple, achieving this is not as easy at you may think.

1. Do Your Research
Take a look at car manuals, magazines,books and search online to get a feel for prices and styles of vehicles.… Read the rest

5 Hollywood Truckers That May Inspire You to Get a CDL

If you are in search of a new career, or experiencing unemployment due to the current state of the economy, you may want to consider a career in trucking. There are several benefits associated with a trucking career, like traveling the country and meeting new people, as well as taking in lots of beautiful new sights. And while we make no promises, you could even land that highly sought after acting job as a result, which is what actor Sean Connery was able to do early in his career.

Yes, Sir Sean Connery of James Bond fame, landed his very first acting gig because of his ability to drive a rig.… Read the rest

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Regular Repairs Make a Happy, Healthy Car

Keeping your car running well is essential for all the things that are made easier by owning one. Your car probably gets you to work and to friends houses. However, most people neglect their cars most of the time and don’t keep them working regularly. Of course the kind of car you have will determine how you fix some of the common problems and for that you need to get the proper repair manuals, such as a Chevrolet Malibu repair manual if that is the kind of car you drive. Other than the things you will find in there, here are a few things that will help extend the life of your car.… Read the rest

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