Medical Breakthrough’s in the treatment of Alcoholism

The disease of alcoholism is devastating and life threatening, not to mention the horrific consequences of getting an extreme DUI and ending up in court.  Many millions of people have found recovery through the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous but for some this does not work.  There are other options out there but the chronic relapser has long needed a different solution.  There are now major leaps forward in the treatment of alcoholism with medication.  The die hard AA’s refuse to accept this only allowing for the teachings of AA that a spiritual solution is the only way out.  However, given the very poor statistics on recovery within AA (approx 3%) it is imperative that all options out there are discussed and on the table especially since we are dealing with life and death.

Alcohol and drugs.

This outstanding piece of rsearch from Drug Rehab Comparison covers all the options on medication and suggests a multi pronged approach which may finally bring relief and recovery to for the chronic relapser.

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