Shows, Weddings and Buffets in Vegas

If you had to choose the top reasons that most people visit Las Vegas, you are more than likely going to list the casinos are your number one answer. And while you are not off the mark in your choice, the question actually goes a bit dipper when you consider all of the things there are to do in the casinos in the hotels in Vegas. And then you will have to adjust your decision. For instance, a large number of people go along with their friends on a trip to Vegas just to enjoy some of the great buffets the city is so well known for. And there are millions of other people who go to Vegas to see one or more of the incredible shows that are always onstage there.

So, before you start categorizing these casino attractions, you will want to consider other main reasons people visit the city. For instance, millions of people travel to Vegas to get married, more so than any other city in the world. So, does this number outweigh the population that is there to enjoy a great buffet? What about the people who are visiting Vegas to see Cher or a spectacular new Cirque du Soleil production and end up becoming so enticed by all of the glitter, glamor and show that they suddenly decide to get married? It if sounds outrageous it shouldn’t because this actually happens, more times than you would guess. So, while casinos might be the most popular reason people visit Vegas, what they do there is another topic all together.

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