New Space Race is a Supernova of Investing Opportunity

space investingFor people who are interested in both space travel and investing, now would be a good time to look into putting some money into the stocks of some of the major players in the space travel business.  Lockheed and Boeing have always been two big names that give government contracts to develop parts for NASA’s rockets.  Recently, however, there are even more companies in which to invest, as we are at the dawn of a new space race.

This space race is not between countries, so much as, between companies; private companies experimenting with ways to bring space travel to the ordinary people.  Companies like Planetary Resources, SpaceDev, Orbital Sciences, and Virgin, among several others, have begun privately funded space projects.  Check with your broker or online stock service to see which space-travel-minded company or mutual fund would be best for your investing strategy.


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