The Effects of New Technologies on Customers

Developments in technology over the years have changed the way that businesses interact with their customers. Gone are the days when a customer relationship management (CRM) program took care of all customer interactions. Social media has become a major influencer with the development of review sites and the sharing of information. Mobile and other touch devices are also changing the way we interact. This is all influencing the way that business is carried out and the way we interact with our customers.

Technology influences customer’s attitudes and behaviors. Opportunities exist and unfortunately dangers are lurking out there too. This requires a change in marketing focus as it should include the influence that emerging technologies have on customer behavior.

Customers are much more likely to have a direct influence on the marketplace as they have immediate access to information and are also immediately able to share their experiences. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are enabling customers to have an influential voice.

The humble computer is no longer the tool that customers use to decide on purchases – they use smart phones, iPads, and laptops to gather immediate information and use social portals to debate and question their potential purchase. There is no longer a restraint on time or place where this occurs.

There are opportunities that arises from this change in behavior. Businesses must move away from established strategies and adapt and embrace developing technologies. This will enable heightened levels of customer interaction and increase business reach and lead generation. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and this is the perfect time to intensify your relationship with them.

CJ Blackstone is a journalist and business writer who covers topics like social customer complaints software for financial and news sites.

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