The Magnificent Meteor Crater in Flagstaff, Arizona

Many of those who grew up in Arizona have fond memories of family trips going up to Flagstaff, Arizona. It is fascinating how you can drive up from an arid desert to a vast pine forest in just a two hour drive up the I-17. Camping trips and visits to the Grand Canyon are common. But the meteor crater often sticks out in my mind.

The meteor crater is a vast meteorite impact crater. It is around 3,900 feet in diameter and around 500 foot deep. I am always in awe when I take a visit there. I believe early childhood visits to the meteor crater site are what ignited my passion for astrophysics and all things space.

At the site, you have the option to go through the small space history museum inside the main building. I recall this small exhibition having interactive educational stations and a small chunk of a meteorite inside.

    Once you step outside, that’s when you’ll see the depth of this sight. The crater is huge and undeniably shocking. If you are going up to Northern Arizona, consider taking a visit to this educational spectacle and ignite the science-lover in you.

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