The Last Supper in Jerusalem

Christians come from all over the world to visit the many sites were they believe Jesus either visited or spent time. They want to walk the areas the he walked and they want to learn where he learned. They want to see and feel the places that he walked in hopes of a stronger connection to him and his message.

One of the many stops along the way is the room of the last supper which is were he was said to have had his last supper with his disciples before he was crucified. Visitors find it on Mount Zion out side the Dormition Abbey. Because of the many transformations of the city over hundreds of years, scholars know that the building that is there today is not the actual building of the last supper. They do believe that the current building was built on top of or right next to the ruined building of this Christian history.

There are many Christian sites that were ruined over time and had some other faith built over it so it is hard to find the proof of the declared sites. Still, people book rooms here to see if they can get some sort of feeling or clue into the truth they believe in so deeply.

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