Map Collecting

Maps provide more than excellent directional resources for travelers. In addition to their obvious benefits there are many people that collect maps. Rare, ancient or historic maps are a prized possession not only for collectors but also archeologists and museums . And while those rare and priceless items may be reserved for the professionals or historic institutions, private map collecting is still a popular hobby and even obsession for many people.

It is commonly believed that traveling will enhance your overall life perspective, open your mind and expand your consciousness. Interestingly, map collecting will also do this, however on another scale, such as a millimeter equals a kilometer. If you can’t actually travel to Africa, you can explore it with an Africa map . This is actually a great alternative and can be used as research for a future trip.

And a map combined with some other literary source or magazine, can give a strong sense of a place. This is true for all places including England, Germany and Canada. Map exploration of the world is a great way to inspire imaginations and also learn more about other countries and the history of national borders. In addition, map collectors tend to be really good at winning the blue pie pieces in Trivial Pursuit .

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