Summer in Hawaii Includes Swimming With Dolphin

My nephew went on a trip with is grandparents and cousins on his father’s side of the family last summer. The reason I bring it up is because he claims to have had one of the greatest vacations of his life while he was there. I’ve never been to Hawaii, and while I knew there were fabulous beaches and great views and all that, some of the experiences he described were surprising and really attractive sounding. Not that beautiful beaches is unattractive.

One of his favorite activities on his trip was when he got the chance to swim with dolphins and other marine life. He admitted he was a little hesitant at first but was so amazed by the peacefulness he felt in the water and swore he felt something like love from the dolphins. He described it like an immediate friendship and understanding of sorts.

He also had some great food while he was there and mentioned only having to share a room with one cousin during their stay in one of the Hawaii five star hotels . He loves seafood and says he had the best grilled shrimp in a cafe right on the beach. I believe he had shrimp or some other shell fish every day and likely at every meal, but that’s my nephew. He spent a great deal of time on the beach and one of the things I remember most about his trip is that he returned home a much darker colored version of himself. Oh, and I also enjoyed the Hawaiin t-shirt he brought me. Maybe next year I’ll do the same thing for him.

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