Next Day Blinds Rockville, Giving Kitchen Design Ideas

No room in the house offers a more intimidating design challenge than the kitchen. Trying to incorporate all the functionality of cooking and food storage with an overall design aesthetic can scare off do it yourself designers. There’s no need to be scared, though. Imagine how much better you’ll feel once this central room in the house has been remade to feel inviting and pleasing as well as functional.

Start is by looking at design magazines, watching a decorating video, or checking out your favorite designer’s website. You can also take a designer home tour or visit a design showcase at your local convention center . Places like Next Day Blinds Rockville offer the best of both worlds: with an online “Idea Gallery” as well as beautiful showrooms that let you see the products up close.

Here’s a few easy tips to get started:

Take functionality into account at the start. How often do you and your family use the kitchen? Is it simply for heating up takeout or do you want to throw gourmet dinner parties for large groups of friends? Is it an eat-in kitchen? Do you need a corner for an office? Does the kitchen serve as a passthrough to other parts of the house? These are all vital answers you’ll need to determine a floorplan as well as to aid in choosing the right appliances, cabinets, and countertops.

Identify one specific inspiration, whether it’s a style, color, or feeling that you want to design around. Be sure to put that thread into all the choices you make.

If budget is a problem, start with small changes first. Change out the backsplash or the hardware on your cabinets. Consider painting or refinishing cabinets rather than replacing them. Even something as simple putting up new window treatments can be a great start and inspire you to make bigger changes when possible.

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