What to Expect in an LVN Program

The nursing profession has a long and honorable past. It is one of the healing professions and imbues its practitioners with an aura of respect and, in the minds of many people, goodness. There are actually several different types of nurses. The most common is the registered nurse. There are also nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, and licensed professional nurses who are also known as licensed vocational nurses or LVNs.

Anyone enrolling in one of the many lvn programs in the country can expect to learn the skills necessary to provide care to patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctor offices, and rehabilitation hospitals. They may also find employment as home health care workers. In all cases, they will work under the direction of a physician or registered nurse.

The best programs are going to provide students with ample opportunities to gain hands on experience. Students will learn pharmacology, nutrition, physiology , anatomy, and common diseases and treatments. They will be expected to develop leadership skills and to understand the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with nursing. Most programs take around two years to complete, though each school will have its own schedule of classes. Upon graduation students should be ready to apply for state licensing or certification, if is required.

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