Keeping Up with Tennis Online

The internet has revolutionized the way that people watch sports. Fans can follow the exploits of their favorite athletes on official player sites and 24 hour news sites. They can also meet up with other fans on social media, blogs, and forums to discuss and debate everything from basketball to hockey, from tennis to soccer, from auto racing to boxing. Tennis fans in particular can rejoice in the fact that there are hundreds of sites catering to their need for information, scores, and breaking tennis news.

In addition to the wide range of sites covering tennis topics, fans can take advantage of live coverage of major events being broadcast on the internet. International competitions are no longer subject to tape delays until the major networks can air a match. In addition to official sites offering french open streaming , there are countless amateur videos being posted on blogs on video sites of other tournament matches or catching favorite players away from the court. The widespread use of mobile technology means that fans can now see a given tennis match from countless angles in the stands as well as the official vantage points of broadcast networks.

Once the match or tournament is over, fans no longer have to worry about finding like-minded individuals to share in the afterglow. They can log on to their favorite forum or social media site and hash and rehash every stroke from the french open 2011 with a multitude of fellow fans. They will find post-match interviews with players and coaches as well as analysis from tennis experts on blogs and video snippets.


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