Important Medical Breakthroughs of 2013

human brain2013 was a year of great strides in the medical field. A lot of ground was covered in terms of research and there were quite a few important medical breakthroughs that are worth discussing. Please read on for a look at five important medical breakthroughs of 2013.

New Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Over a dozen new genes were linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, giving scientists and researchers more leads to go on when researching cures and treatment methods. By having more genes to research, scientists believe they are closer to finding a cure.

Only One Dose of the HPV Vaccination is Needed

When the HPV vaccination was first released, it was recommended that women receive three separate doses of the vaccination. Now doctors are suggesting that one dose may be all that is required. One dose of the HPV vaccination Gardasil is proving to be effective at stemming the risks of HPV.

A Newborn is Functionally Cured of HIV

Doctors have done what was thought to be impossible. They functionally cured a newborn that was diagnosed with HIV. The baby showed signs of the infection shortly after birth and doctors gave the child a triple dose of anti-HIV injections instead of just one. After two years, the child was functionally cured of the virus. This is another example of how early detection can help save lives.

Advanced Pregnancy Tests Tell You How Pregnant You Are

In 2013, a new pregnancy test was released on the market that not only tells women whether they are pregnant or not, but how far along they are in the pregnancy. This test measures the HcG levels in urine and determines the pregnancy age by how high the levels of HcG are. While bloodwork and an ultrasound are more definitive science, this is certainly an exciting new addition to pharmacy shelves.

Advancements in Detecting Parkinson’s Disease Early

Similar to other serious conditions such as cancer, early detection is proving to be key in Parkinson’s Disease patients. Scientists and researchers have gotten closer to determining what the early symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease are, and they believe that one of the symptoms include a specific panel of proteins present in the spinal fluid. By detecting the disease early, doctors and scientists can learn how to better treat or prevent the disease from getting worse.

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