Recent Boost in Online Business causes High Demand for Graphic Designers

February 29, 2012 1

If you have a creative side that you want to express, graphic design programs can help you achieve your goals. With more people starting online businesses, the demand for skilled graphic designers continues to grow in order to meet this need. You can get the training you need to build an art portfolio. Your portfolio may help you get the career you desire in the field.

Get the Education

Your education is the first step to working in art. Although your passion for the arts brings you closer to a job, getting into one of the schools around the United States may catapult you into a long-term career.… Read the rest

Qualifying for a Mortgage License

November 12, 2010 0

After the real estate crash a few years ago, it was revealed that many mortgage professionals weren’t behaving professionally. They were acting with disregard to professional ethics or operating without a valid and up-to-date license in their state. The mortgage boom that preceded the crash offered such amazing profits that many questionable individuals were drawn into the industry to make a fast buck — on both sides of the equation.

As a result, many states have toughened their requirements for mortgage loan officers. Part of this was dictated by the SAFE Act which governs mortgage licensing and requires a national registry of mortgage professionals and companies.… Read the rest