The Cutting Edge for Ambulances

Every day that goes by sees more innovations in automotive technology.  Cars are getting more comfortable, faster, more fuel efficient, and better overall.  But one place where all of the new technology is helping is where we would hardly even look: in ambulances.  New technology has brought ambulances from simple people carriers to full on, traffic skirting, mobile life saving devices.

Life Saving Equipment

Modern ambulances have most of the things that can save your life in an emergency.  A lot of the equipment has mobile and fixed units, so paramedics can bring stuff with them, stabilize a person on the scene, and bring them back to the van.  Having your community’s ambulances in good repair and at peak performance is essential to the health of each resident, and the community as a whole.  Ambulances and their crews are like a first response team for whenever somebody is seriously injured.  If they can get around fast, reliably, and with the equipment they need, then they will be able to save that many more lives, and keep the community together.

There is a ton of different equipment.  There are suction devices to clear blocked airways, oxygen tanks, defibrillators, all manner of life saving drugs, and even a pacemaker!  In addition to all of that, they carry various immobilization devices, which sound more sinister than they really are.  In reality they are there to make sure that patients can’t injure themselves trying to move, or get further hurt from the movements of the ambulance.

Vehicle Design

But what a modern ambulance carries is only half of the good stuff.  New models come equipped with excellent anti-lock brakes, large V8 engines with lots of torque for quick acceleration and a high carrying capacity, tires that can handle a lot of weight and a lot of G forces, and all manner of other cool tech.  They are constantly being redesigned, making the sirens more noticeable, the cabs more comfortable, and the vehicle just better overall.

It’s a good thing, too.  Ambulance drivers have a tough job.  Getting from place to place in a hurry can be tough by itself, but throw in that a life is on the line, that you have to run red lights and break traffic laws, and are responsible for the lives of your coworkers, and it gets stressful—and that isn’t even considering taking an injured person back to the hospital.  Every second counts, so it’s essential to have an ambulance in good repair and performing as best it can.

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9 Comments on The Cutting Edge for Ambulances

  1. It’s a good thing that Ambulance vehicles are improving. The community can benefit greatly. As the article points out, If we can save more lives then we can keep the community together.Just the fact that we are adding to what we have to keep the injured/sick/hurt secure means that we are really putting thought to our citizens!

  2. Nobody really realizes how important these advancements are. At least, not until we need it. It’s really good to know that there are so many people working together to help save lives though.

  3. I believe that ambulance drivers should get paid more than doctors or football players, or sports players in general. They help save lives while sports players just play for entertainment and get paid millions. What a shame. Anyways, the ambulance advances have made it safer (and coller) for the drivers, so that’s a plus I guess.

  4. I have worked as an anesthesiologist in Europe and now in the United States. The difference in emergency paramedic services is night and day. In Europe, it seemed that they thought of themselves simply a ride to the hospital. Here in the U.S. the paramedics and ambulances actually do 50% of the critical care management and do it well. These services save countless lives every year and should never be overlooked.

  5. I completely agree. We should be more advanced in the medical field than in the social networking or cell phone industry. Good post.

  6. It would be a great development for countries to have cutting edge ambulances, Imagine how many deaths that can be prevented since almost half of the percent of accident patients die on the travel to the hospital. Though it is not yet possible to really bring hospitals to the patients but with technology at least there is higher percent. Every second counts when it comes to saving

  7. I think this will be one of the most significant development in human history because in some countries which are not so developed,people are depriving from this kind of facilities and if this facilities could be provided very efficiently then many valuable life would be saved.

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