Space Shuttle Tribute by Vizme Space

With the launch of the final space shuttle today, Vizme Space has put together a Space Shuttle Tribute. Watch and enjoy!!

This tribute allows you to explore the history of the shuttle program, learn about its many achievements, and appreciate the complexity of this monumental scientific and technical endeavor.

One thought on “Space Shuttle Tribute by Vizme Space

  1. Cool timeline! Only thing I would have added is a Roger’s commission entry when Richard Feynman slapped the Congressional committee and SRB contractors with his O-ring in ice-water demonstration. Simple and effective! I suppose entries about the improvements after Challenger and Columbia would have been nice as well but I get they went with more “actionable” entries.

    Looks like the embed is too wide for your wordpress template? Thought something was off until I found the fullscreen button and could see the entire window. Maybe set the embed width to 600px instead of 640px?

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