Dealing With the Social Media Craze

Walking down the street there are now signs in windows that say “Follow us on Twitter @insertnamehere” There are signs asking the customers to become a Facebook fan, and for the most part, it starts to seem a little bit silly. Most people have little to no reason to follow a company on twitter, or to follow them on Facebook, or at least that is what many people think, until you start looking at some of their numbers. This is changing thanks to companies like Elixir Interactive. Tips and suggestions on how to make your Facebook page more desirable for other people to like show companies and people alike what benefits they could gain from a company Facebook Page. It is changing the way that companies in general interact with their fan base, and how they make sales.

One of the big things that companies need to be thinking about these days is if they have a way to get their social media presence known from their website, or websites. There are a number of people who will like a fan page if they had a good experience and put up a message about that actual event on the wall as well. The truth is that right now, in our social media craze , more people are likely to trust a Facebook page than they are to trust a company blog. One can only imagine that with help in what to create from something like an Elixir interactive demo , companies that are working on their social media presence can really pull ahead even in todays market.