Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure During Hard Times

During these tough economic hard times foreclosures are becoming more common. If you are looking at the possibility of having your house foreclosed on, there are ways to slow down the process and in some cases, even stop it all together.

Tip # 1: Take a look at all your assets that you may be able to part with to get that extra money.

If you have an extra car or a recreational vehicle you may want to look into selling them, no matter how difficult it may be to part with them, every little bit counts. If you have jewelry, especially gold, you can often find an estate buyer or jeweler to pay you cash on the spot. If you do not have any assets you can part with, you may want to explore the idea of taking a second job. While no one likes having to work more than one job, it can be a temporary way to start bringing in a larger income. Even if you cannot make up the entire amount you owe, once you have extra income, often the lender will recognize you are trying to get back on track and may be more apt to working out an easier payment or other arrangements that will keep you from losing your house.

Tip # 2: Other than food and healthcare your mortgage payment should be at the top of your list.

The first things to go are anything that you that is not vital for your survival. You must be brutally honest with yourself and think, “Do I need this or do I want it?”This could be a membership to a fitness club or scale or perhaps even your cable and internet service temporarily. If you have credit card debt or other unsecured loans or debt, it is better to make your mortgage payment and try to work something out with the other companies.

Tip #3: Know your rights

Knowledge is power and you need to make sure you know your rights and the laws of your state. Read all your loan documents to find out how and when your lender may take action. What kind of mortgage do you have? Is it an interest only mortgage? Do you know the terms you agreed to? You should also contact your state’s housing office to find out the foreclosure laws and time-frames that apply to foreclosures.

Tip #4: Do not ignore your problem

If you are getting notices and letting them pile up, it will become harder to save your home and also makes it look as you are indifferent to the situation. When you first know you are in trouble contact your lender right away and see what option they can offer you. Most lenders would rather try and work something out with you until you are past your hard times.

Dealing With the Social Media Craze

Walking down the street there are now signs in windows that say “Follow us on Twitter @insertnamehere” There are signs asking the customers to become a Facebook fan, and for the most part, it starts to seem a little bit silly. Most people have little to no reason to follow a company on twitter, or to follow them on Facebook, or at least that is what many people think, until you start looking at some of their numbers. This is changing thanks to companies like Elixir Interactive. Tips and suggestions on how to make your Facebook page more desirable for other people to like show companies and people alike what benefits they could gain from a company Facebook Page. It is changing the way that companies in general interact with their fan base, and how they make sales.

One of the big things that companies need to be thinking about these days is if they have a way to get their social media presence known from their website, or websites. There are a number of people who will like a fan page if they had a good experience and put up a message about that actual event on the wall as well. The truth is that right now, in our social media craze , more people are likely to trust a Facebook page than they are to trust a company blog. One can only imagine that with help in what to create from something like an Elixir interactive demo , companies that are working on their social media presence can really pull ahead even in todays market.

Rent From a Person Or a Larger Property Management Service

With more people having to move back to renting, and it being a buyers market, people are choosing who they want to rent from. For the most part it is of course the best property management companies who are winning in this situation. While any individual who owns an apartment complex could potentially make a lot of money if they have the right reputation, it is instead companies like Transglobe Property Management that let others own the buildings and they just take care of them that are really hitting it big.

There is a good reason for this. Good property management companies have put a lot of work and energy into being the best company that they can for their clients, both the landlords and the tenants. They provide extra amenities for students who are looking for a place to live near their school as well as well as other tools on their websites. While people who already own property would like to think that the trend to shy away from large companies would extend to this as well, it is simply a fact that sometimes larger companies can take care of people better than a person or small group can. It can be understandable, because money can draw in more money and having more resources can draw in tenants. This makes companies like this often more suitable for keeping a property profitable.

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Getting and Keeping the Perfect Job

The key to landing any job is being able to sell yourself. With a strong background, experience, and people skills you can earn just about any job you apply for, and with unemployment rates still high this has never been more important.

The first impression that all potential employers will receive of you is your resume. It is from your resume that they will decide whether or not to schedule an interview. It is important to be honest, but this is not the time to be humble. List any and all degrees, classes, and additional business training that you have received. Also include any special certifications or skills that you have. The goal is to make your resume stand out from the rest and give yourself an opportunity to vie for the job in person.

Once you have an interview setup, it is time to really let yourself shine. Demonstrate your strong communication and leadership skills. Remain positive and engaged even if you think things are not going well — you may be surprised with outcome.

Receiving the job offer may seem like mission accomplished; however, it doesn’t end there. Now is your opportunity to show your new employers that they made the best decision when they hired you. Follow through on the impression you gave them and demonstrate all of those skills that earned the job.

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