5 Hollywood Truckers That May Inspire You to Get a CDL

If you are in search of a new career, or experiencing unemployment due to the current state of the economy, you may want to consider a career in trucking. There are several benefits associated with a trucking career, like traveling the country and meeting new people, as well as taking in lots of beautiful new sights. And while we make no promises, you could even land that highly sought after acting job as a result, which is what actor Sean Connery was able to do early in his career.

Yes, Sir Sean Connery of James Bond fame, landed his very first acting gig because of his ability to drive a rig. But on the serious side even if a Hollywood career doesn’t take off for you, you will make a pretty decent income driving a truck. If you have a pickup truck but have always wanted to go for the glory of the big rig you may want to say to yourself, “though it may be tough I am ready to sell my truck.” ┬áBut if Hollywood is still on your mind, let’s continue on with the list of five famous truckers…

1. Sean Connery
As mentioned before, Sean Connery started out as a driver for a an over the road milk company in Scotland, and also did some OTR driving for European companies as well.

2. Vitto Morgansen
Vitto Morgansen of ” Lord of the Rings” fame, worked as a trucker, hauling containers at Jersey Ports and drove long distance in his home in Denmark.

3. Elvis Presley
Another well known name on the list, is none other than Elvis Presley, yes Lisa Marie’s father, also known affectionately as “Elvis the Pelvis,” for his groundbreaking dance moves.

4. James Cameron
To further dispel the myth that a career in trucking could possibly lead to nowhere, let me add, James Cameron, the producer and director of the movies “Titanic”, and “Avatar.”

5. Jesse Gregory James
Jesse Gregory James is also added to the list and his credentials include but are not limited to, his TV shows and documentaries, as well as his expertise in assembling and modifying monster vehicles.

So, if you are an adventurous person who can withstand driving for long periods of time, and who doesn’t mind potentially prolonged separations from friends and family, then trucking may be the job for you. Entering into career in trucking with superior skills, such as the ability to repair your vehicle due to an unexpected mishap, will always be a plus. If you have already completed training and received your CDL, then the next step is to research the many trucking companies thoroughly to find one that will suite your needs. One of the best ways to do so is to read reviews regarding individual companies and look into your commercial truck financing. Get ready for a life on the road!

Mark is a contributing writer for TruckertoTrucker.com, a site dedicated to all aspects of the trucking industry from the love of the road, to the practical aspects of trucking.

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