To Kindle or Not to Kindle

There is an interesting debate going on in the world of consumer literature these days, and it’s not about what to read or not read, but instead it’s about how to do it. To Kindle, or not to Kindle, that is the question. Proponents say it encourages greater readership among reluctant consumers and entices younger readers into the vast world of literature. This is a major accomplishment and diverts the amount of attention that has been focused on electronic games. Meanwhile, Kindles, other electronic devices and e-books also offer larger numbers of writers the opportunity to have their works read and purchases. Perhaps the widening of the market is the greatest actual social benefit these electronic devices have offered, though some people stress they go way beyond that.

A Rainbow of Books by Dawn Endico

Of course one of the most personally compelling reasons to purchase a hand held electronic book device is the amount of space it consumes, versus the equivalent, well that would be a ridiculous comparison, let’s just say even one or two actual books in hand. And especially for students, you can start adding up the amount of books you need to carry pretty fast. Pass by any student health and wellnes center on college campuses and you’ll see first hand the amount of books students carry with them at any given time.

Those overly stuffed, heavy weighted backpacks might soon give way to a simple purse or even a slot in one’s computer case. And students are not the only ones who are excessively weighted down by reading material, or any other standard daily carrying needs. For many professionals, adding one book to their professional bag is too much, but simply sliding in a thin, lightweight Kindle requires little to no extra room or carrying power.

The simplicity of use, enormous amount of books it can hold, and the relative low cost of reading them are some of the most popular aspects, naturally, of these devices for many consumers. Meanwhile, there are some counter arguments to these devices, and these include the devaluing of some of the classic works, or established writers and reducing income for an already enormously competitive field. In addition, major books stores like Borders are closing their doors due to the enormous loss of patronage these devices are contributing to. Regardless of your personal take on the situation, this is definitely the direction of the future, and contribution technology can make to changes in society, it certainly will do so. Other hand had electronic devices provide excellent Internet services and you can do anything from checking your email to finding quality apartment reviews.

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